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Rules of Bingo

Bingo is a pretty simple game to play. If you haven’t played it at some point in your life already, you’ll easily pick it up anyway.

Simply stated bingo is a game of matching and chance. The chance comes from numbers being randomly drawn; the matching comes from associating those numbers with numbers on your own game card.

What does a bingo game consist of, what will I need?

First, you’ll need a game card. These are necessary to play and provided by the bingo hall. They differ in style and composition but all have the same purpose of allowing a player to match numbers. The numbers are printed on the card and as the caller calls these numbers, the player marks them off.

Getting cards is associated with the buy-in, and can range in price depending on how many you’d like to get. A typical pack consists of 3-6 cards.

Additionally it’s a good idea to bring something to mark the cards off with. Some people like to use coins or chips and set them on their cards, however this can prove detrimental if a table is shifted and chips move. Many players buy something called a dauber which uses brightly colored ink and can easily mark the appropriate box.

The numbers and caller are provided at the hall. In our case in the online bingo hall.

So, how do I play?

The caller will get a number randomly from a machine and then announce it to the hall. Once announced your goal is to mark the number off your cards. When a particular pattern, which is determined before the game begins, is formed you yell “Bingo!” to the caller.

It’s essential that you yell loud enough that he hears and also before the call of the next number. If the next number is called before you make an announcement your bingo becomes invalid or void.

The most common pattern is a straight line. It consists of 5 boxes marked off in a line either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

A typical jackpot pattern is called ‘blackout’ and consists of a full board being marked off within a certain number of calls.

Bingo halls have their own rules just like any establishment and it’d be a good idea to be aware of these rules before beginning to play.


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